Dodany 19.07.2016
Warsaw, mazowieckie Risen
Ksawerow 3, 02-656 662320251, fax: 662320251


Oprogramowanie (Web, Mobile)

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O nas

Risen Technologies is a software development & analytics company from Warsaw, Poland which assist new ventures with much needed strategic thinking and newest technologies. We have High-Quality engineers who can deliver the works on time and with great quality. We also develop our own ideas into fully working prototypes with the purpose of spinning them off into seperate companies.

We work in following technologies:

- Python, iOS, Android, PHP, Ruby for software development (Swift, Objective-C, JAVA)
- AngularJS, NodeJS for front-end web development
- Hadoop, Spark, Flink for Big Data
- MATLab, R, SAS for analytics
- Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, Azure, all other cloud-based infrastructure,
- VR: Oculus, HTC Vive, Mobile Cardboards
- Transparent OLED/LCD’s: see-through interactive screens